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New Patients at
Wickwire Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Many patients come to our office expecting to receive “standard” chiropractic treatment. At Wickwire Chiropractic and Wellness Center, you’ll receive personalized care to specifically address your problems. New patient on-boarding is a two-step process. Please complete the online registration forms before your visit.

When you arrive, our staff will welcome you and go over any remaining paperwork. Next, you’ll be taken to a private room to meet your doctor. They will review your medical history, and most importantly, listen to what you have to say.

Dr. Wickwire or another one of our doctors want to know what bothers you, what treatments, if any, have helped in the past, and what your health goals are. Your goals are our goals; we’ll work with you to get the results you want.

After the consultation, we’ll take digital X-rays of the affected area to determine the cause of your pain. You’ll also receive a detailed physical exam and any additional tests your doctor deems necessary. Your treatment is based on the findings from the X-rays, your exam and tests.

We know you need relief from your pain; we schedule the second visit as soon as possible. It may even be later that same day.

The doctor will review the X-rays and test results with you. After explaining what the tests show, you’ll develop a care plan together to achieve your version of good. If you decide to continue with care, you’ll receive your first adjustment today.

We never want cost to keep our patients from getting the care they need. We’ll work within your financial limitations to get you as close to where you want to be as we can. We’ll make sure you know what it will take to reach your goals, so your expectations are realistic.

We work with most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. Major credit cards are also accepted.

Take Advantage of Our New Patient Special

Each new patient receives a digital X-ray, a full consultation with a physical exam, and a report of findings. The doctor will review all tests with you and provide a detailed explanation of what was found. Our new patient special is just $20!

You and your family are special and welcome in our practice! Let us help you get healthy, so you can enjoy life again. Contact us for an appointment!

New Patients at Wickwire Chiropractic and Wellness Center